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Who will see my advertising on these platforms?

The target groups for the advertising campaigns are based on three factors:


  • Demographic background: Persons must have a suitable demographic background, e.g. a certain minimum income or assets. Further, factors include age, marital status, education, employer, position, place of residence, etc.


  • (Online) Behavior: People must be looking for new furniture at the moment. An example would be a person who is currently frequently looking for inspiration on certain websites (e.g. Schoener-wohnen.de) or visiting competitors' websites. Planned or recent moves are another indication.


  • Interests: Potential buyers must show interests, which show an interest in fashionably fastidious products, e.g. a person with a large interest in other (German) mark products and magazines e.g. Mercedes-Benz, Vogue, Chanel, Porsche, Etienne Aigner, AUDI, Rolex, Omega, BMW, etc., to point.


  • People who meet all three criteria and are within the specified advertising radius from the target group for your advertising campaign.