What is the advantage of online advertising compared to print advertising?

Potential end customers in the stationary retail sector place a high value on a company's online presence when searching for new products (see: Why is online advertising important for my company?).

More precise and detailed targeting is possible with online advertising (location, demographic background, behavior, interests, etc.) This greatly increases the effectiveness of reaching your desired target audiences and reduces advertising wastage.  With less budget, you can now reach your most relevant audience.

Another great advantage is that you can learn much more about your customers by analyzing your results. This allowed you to adapt future campaigns to be even more effective.

Online advertising offers great flexibility that is not generally possible with print advertising, because your campaigns can be created, started, optimized, paused, adjusted or switched off all at short notice.

 The effect of your online advertising can be measured directly (reach, clicks, page visitors, etc.). This will help you to better understand the effect your online advertising has on end customers and your values can be optimized in the long term (by evaluating your results and implementing appropriate measures).

At Doorboost, we believe that online advertising will not completely replace print advertising, but that it is important to find the right combination for your company to reach your customers in the best possible way and to make them familiar with your company and your offer.