How does Doorboost work?

A Doorboost advertising campaign consists of 6 individual steps:

  • Campaign preparation:   Together with Rolf Benz, the Doorboost team creates a complete online advertising campaign. An exact strategy for the campaign is defined (goals, platforms, motifs, content, target groups, product descriptions, etc.).
  • Creation of advertising accounts and landing pages:   An individual Doorboost account is created for the participating trading partners, including an overview of the prepared advertising campaigns. In addition, an individual landing page is created. The landing page contains content on the offers and information of the trading partner (e.g. products, availability, directions).
  • Campaign provision & booking:   Participating trading partners gain access to the prepared Doorboost advertising accounts with a preview of the prepared landing pages and advertising campaigns. Before the start of the campaigns, requested amendments can be implemented.
  • Placement:   After approval by the trading partners, the campaigns are placed in the direct vicinity of the trading partner. When clicking on the ad, potential customers are forwarded directly to the landing page of the respective retailer or native advertising forms in order to establish direct contact with the retailer or to register.
  • Optimization:   All results are automatically checked, analyzed and optimized using AI technology during the campaign. The advertising budget is automatically shifted to the optimal target group, images, product descriptions, platform, devices, locations and times of the day.
  • Results:   All relevant data and results of the campaign are displayed live to the dealers via their Doorboost advertising account - 24/7.