Can I check my campaign before it starts?

Before the start of your campaign, the Doorboost team will give you a complete preview of your campaign with all important details (duration, advertising radius, budget, target groups, motifs, etc.). These can be found in your personal Doorboost advertising account. With this preview you have the possibility to inform our team about any customization requests before starting your campaign. Contact a member of our team or simply send an e-mail to


Log in with your Doorboost login data. You have previously received this by e-mail.


Then click on the View field to view your campaign details.

It’s  important to verify the accuracy of the budget, the scheduled period and the objective/goals.

Click Preview on the respective slideshow and carousel to check whether your landing page and Facebook advertising campaign have been designed according to your wishes.

In your Facebook campaign, you will find all your relevant images and details. Check that you are happy with these. We will promptly make any changes you request.


Your landing page will be created as Mobile and Desktop version. Please check it as well and contact us if you have any change requests.